• Why have I been selected for a statistical survey?

    Interviewing all usual residents of Lithuania every time a statistical survey has to be conducted would be very complicated and expensive. Individuals are sampled for a survey from the Population Register, using statistical random sampling methods. Usually, one individual is interviewed only once; however, in certain surveys, an individual may be interviewed several times.

    In statistical surveys on agriculture, respondents having large crop areas, growing many farm animals or poultry may be included in a sample every year. A respondent may be repeatedly sampled for several surveys.

  • How to learn that I was included in a statistical survey?

    Statistics Lithuania sends an official letter to all persons sampled for a statistical survey. The letter invites to participate in the survey, explains its purpose, provides information about questions and participation modes.

  • Why do I have to participate in a statistical survey?

    Statistical information is used for the assessment of the country’s socioeconomic situation, detecting business trends. Daily life decisions also involve the usage of available statistical information. It is therefore very important that this information is reliable, comprehensive and accessible to users. Statistical information is produced using administrative data. However, not all information is available in registers; that is why interviews are conducted – to collect data to be used as a basis for the production of statistical information relevant to users.

  • Will my data be safe?

    During each interview, respondents are informed about the purpose of data collection and how those data will be used. Data confidentiality is guaranteed at all data collection, processing and dissemination stages. Data are used only for the production of summary statistical information and may not be used for any other (commercial, taxation, etc.) purposes. The confidentiality of your data is protected by the Law on Statistics of the Republic of Lithuania.

  • How to participate?

    Statistics Lithuania used data from State registers and from respondents. For more detailed information about data collection modes used by Statistics Lithuania, see the section Data collection modes.

  • Why am I asked for contact details?

    Statistics Lithuania makes every effort to carry out its work on time and to the highest standard. We need your contact details so that we have a possibility to get information about how the interview was conducted, contact you again for another interview, if needed.

  • What are the data used for?

    Data collected during interviews are used for the production of agregated statistical information. Survey results are published on the Official Statistics Portal, at osp.stat.gov.lt. Statistical information is used in various other surveys, public authorities’, researches’, business analysts’, etc. papers, reports, analyses, released in the media.